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Duration: 9.5 - 10 hours

Home to the Royal Family for 900 years, Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest occupied Castle in the world. Its proud, strong walls dominate the delightful town that has grown around the castle over the years. Generations of Kings and Queens have conducted their business here and enjoyed its grounds. Get a sense of British history breathing through the walls of the Castle, first founded by William the Conqueror. You will see the lavish State Apartments containing priceless furniture, and St George's Chapel, home to the 14th Century Order of the Royal Garter.

Continue to Salisbury Cathedral the spire is the tallest in England, 404 feet (123 meters). Controversial in its time for its vaulting grandeur, the Cathedral stands tall and proud, its pale luminous stone set off against the lush greenery surrounding it. Once you step inside you will be awed by the Cathedral's graceful, elegant proportions.

In the Chapter House you can see one of only 4 surviving copies of the document that came to be known as the Magna Carta, which codified some of the basic principles of the English legal system. Look upon this 790 year old document and you are looking the past in the face. Sealed under duress by King John in 1215, the Magna Carta in these surroundings is truly a piece of history brought to life.

Going even further back into the mists of time you arrive at Stonehenge, a collection of stones dragged 5,000 years ago to this lonely windy plain near Salisbury. Who built it? Why? These questions have haunted the minds of centuries of scholars, but what is known is that Stonehenge must have had some astronomical function.

Set in a landscape dotted with prehistoric mounds and carvings, Stonehenge continues to enthrall the imagination and captivate the heart of every visitor. You will have the opportunity to walk around these magical stones, built so many centuries ago, and to explore the theories of how this extraordinary monument came t
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