Map of London Hampstead tube station

Hampstead Heath is duly famous, and is one of the largest pieces of inner city partland of any capital in the world (indeed London boasts a larger percentage of parkland than any other capital). It covers an area of several square miles, between Kenwood, next to Highgate village, the Vale of health, from the White Stone Pond down to the edge of primrose hill, and across to the north west as far as Golders Hill park, in Golders Green. This is chalk based, hilly landscape, partly wooded and partly heathland (hence its name), which has remained unchanged apart from excess visitors, since Stone Age times (an early stone hearth was unearthed only a few years ago).

Kenwood features the Iveigh bequest, a superb mansion, full of a small collection of rather fine paintings including a Vellasquez.

Further down the hill, towards South end green, lies Keats House, where the poet resided for some years.

Hampstead is the residence of choice for a number of famous radicals and liberals, as well as a large smattering of artists, writers and actors (many of the pubs are their haunts). At the time of writing, the Labour MP for the area is the actress, Glenda Jackson.

There are over 300 restaurants in Hampstead, although it must be said that many are quite expensive, and not many are that good.

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