Map of London Greenwich tube station

Greenwich is famous for four things, though three of them are intimately related: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the Greenwich Meridian, The Royal Greenwich Observatory, and the Royal Naval College.

You can discover all about the first two by visting the the Royal Greenwich Observatory, up on the hill above the Naval College. Although observations no longer take place here (the active observatory has long since departed), the place is a fascinating museum of astronomy and the history of measuring time. Here you can stand with one foot in the Eastern Hemisphere and the other in the Western Hemisphere. (of course you can do this elsewhere too, but here it seems most significant!)

There is a foot tunnel under the Thames, but which you can walk to the Isle of Dogs and Island Gardens DLR station (but check first to ensure that the trains are running). From here you can take the light railway to Canary Wharf, Tower Gateway or Stratford.

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